Roza Pasta 400g (Galli)

Roza Galli is a short, curved tubular pasta with a ruffled edge that runs along the length of the outside curve. It’s ideal for infusing with meat sauces and is also frequently used in Casseroles.

Roza Pasta 400g (Fusilli)

Roza Fusilli is a spiral-shaped pasta with diagonally cut ends. The twists and turns are great for holding rich and chunky pasta very well. Nothing brings the family together better!

Roza Pasta 400g (Elbow)

Roza Elbows are a twisted tubular-shaped pasta. Originating from Northern and Central Italy, They were traditionally used in soups. A delicious meal for your entire family.

Roza Pasta 400g (Lumachine)

Roza Lumachine is a shell-shaped pasta that traps sauces within due to its unique shape. A flavor-filled meal for your whole family.

Roza Pasta 400g (Shell)

Roza Shells are small, hollow, seashell-like pasta with small ridges along the exterior. The hollowed curve holds onto creamy and hearty sauces to ensure maximum flavor in every bite.

Roza Pasta 400g (Rigatoni)

Roza Rigatoni is a pasta variety that has ridges down their length with square-cut ends. Mealtime just got more exciting.

Roza Pasta 400g (Rotelle)

Roza assures you an amazing and absolutely scrumptious pasta experience which now comes in eight different shapes.

Roza Pasta 400g (Penne)

Roza Penne is one of our best sellers! It’s a delight that is enjoyed by families all across Sri Lanka. It’s cylindrical in shape and has a pointed cut end that looks like the tip of a pen (Which was the inspiration for its shape).

Roza Pasta 400g (Spaghetti)

Roza Spaghetti is a cylindrical pasta that is long, thin, and solid. It is a popular dish in traditional Italian cuisine. Spaghetti, like other pasta, is made of milled wheat and water and is packed with vitamins and minerals.

Roza Junior Toys 400g

Made for kids with love! Our Roza Pasta Toys is the perfect way to get your kids to have their meals!