About Us

A family-owned business, Diamond Best Foods (Pvt) Ltd is a distribution arm of the P.M.M. Group, a food production and distribution company in Sri Lanka with over 60 years of expertise.

Our Commitment is to maintain the highest quality and best value in an extensive range of products we offer our customers.

The “Diamond Best Foods” product line has grown rapidly over the years, this is mainly due to constant research and product development thereby creating a loyal customer base islandwide.

Our Vision is to offer all customers and consumers alike the best value for their money, All Diamond Best Foods” products have been manufactured in accordance with the Sri Lanka Quality Standard.

Quality Values – Consumer trends show that more shoppers are looking for both quality and value. Diamond Best Food products fulfill this by ensuring the highest levels of quality at the most affordable prices.

We will continue to fulfill our promises, raise expectations and break barriers.

The story of Diamond Best Foods is one that dates back to a commitment made sixty years ago. A commitment to fulfill a vision – a vision to provide premium quality goods accessible to any consumer. It is a story of purpose – to understand the needs of the everyday consumer.

Over the years, we have worked tirelessly, focusing our energy and resources on constant research and product development to be the pioneer food manufacturing company in Sri Lanka, garnering the confidence, respect, and trust of our customers.

Today, Diamond Best Foods, the distributing arm of P M M Group boasts of an extensive range of products that are the best value for money, affordable to all, while not compromising on quality. Through our products, we intend to feed every Sri Lankan household and bring a positive change in millions of lives to make the world a better place.

As the company grows and evolves, we will continue to fulfill our promises, raise expectations, and break barriers to create a favorable and long-lasting impact on the community to nourish, sustain and enrich the community.

Mr. Mohamed Mahroof Mohamed Gisthy
Diamond Best Foods